Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Video Making Queen

In class we watched Digital Youth Portrait: Nafiza.

I feel that the biggest "take away" from this video was the message of how much technology impacts life, especially that of the younger generations. From using our phones for alarm clocks to using computer programs to make messages to send out to others, technology plays an important role. The things Nafiza is accomplishing using computer programming and digital film making will really open many doors to her and could potentially be a career for her. She also uses her skills to build leadership and to help others.

This video pertains to my life in the sense that I am always using technology, mostly my cell phone. My parents go insane with the fact that I can go no where without my cell phone. I am also on the computer a lot. At least the computer use is more for educational purposes. Also with having no t.v. I use my computer to watch a lot of movies and even some t.v. shows online.

After watching this video I feel that as a teacher I need to really be encouraging of those students who have amazing talents with technology and allow for classroom activities and projects that involve more technology so that I can really reach out to all the different skills and abilities of my students. I also think that the higher grades I teach, there may be a bit of a problem with too much technology use, such as cell phones and i pods being used in class.

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