Friday, January 29, 2010

Helping Hand

This week we were assigned to watch Digital Youth Portrait: Luis.

In this video, I really took away the idea that as people in a community, we really should learn and work to give back to the community. I really loved the passion Luis had for giving back to the younger students in the community, his city and even his family. I really think that using technology to help better our community is a great project!

I honestly don't find a real connection to my life. The closest I could get would be helping my dad navigate the internet and showing him some of his resources like Luis was able to do with his parents.

I think that seeing the older students work with the younger students is awesome. I feel that it is a great experience for both ages. I think I would like to try incorporating a project where my students help younger students with technolog. Even something as simple as helping them with online games and such. It would be a memorable learning experience for everybody involved, not just technology wise.

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