Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One video that we were to watch was A Peek for a Week: Inside a Kiwi Junior Classroom.

The biggest take away from this video was just how many ways technology can be used and incorporated in all areas of the curriculum. In this video the teacher used the interactive white board to help build oral skills. She used it by displaying student's pictures while the student shared a personal experience and also used it for listening with listening to the news online. She uses blogging to help build writing skills. The white board is also used to help practice handwriting. These are just a few ways technology could be used in the classroom to build upon the curriculum.

I never really experienced this much of technology in my educational experience nor do I know anyone personally who has. My extent of technology to build curriculum was doing word finds and crosswords on the computer to practice vocabulary and spelling. This opportunity was not a frequent experience.

This video gave me some ideas of how to use technology in my class. Something as simple as using a youtube video to get the students moving or to use it as a transition activity would be something quite useful. Also using games and activities on the computer to help with lessons that are being taught would be good. It would help students who are more hands on learners and who learn better besides just repetitively writing their math skills or whatever it is we're working on.

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  1. Technology is a really exciting addition to the classroom. She does wonderful things in her calssroom to hep the student interact with technology. I agree with you ideas about how to use technology even for a math class.