Friday, January 29, 2010

A Changing Stance

For the independent learning project I watched Addiction: A 21st Century Love Affair With Destruction.

In order to really appreciate the worth, I think that perhaps you have to have an open mind. This video does hint at what today is still viewed as a radical idea. The video discusses the issue of rising drug abuse and addiction and the lowered success rates of rehab programs. It was a very insightful and infromative video and I like that without just saying, "There's a problem", it offers a solution although it may not be accepted and suggests that maybe we, as people, need to change our way of thinking if we ever want to solve the problem.

Helping Hand

This week we were assigned to watch Digital Youth Portrait: Luis.

In this video, I really took away the idea that as people in a community, we really should learn and work to give back to the community. I really loved the passion Luis had for giving back to the younger students in the community, his city and even his family. I really think that using technology to help better our community is a great project!

I honestly don't find a real connection to my life. The closest I could get would be helping my dad navigate the internet and showing him some of his resources like Luis was able to do with his parents.

I think that seeing the older students work with the younger students is awesome. I feel that it is a great experience for both ages. I think I would like to try incorporating a project where my students help younger students with technolog. Even something as simple as helping them with online games and such. It would be a memorable learning experience for everybody involved, not just technology wise.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One video that we were to watch was A Peek for a Week: Inside a Kiwi Junior Classroom.

The biggest take away from this video was just how many ways technology can be used and incorporated in all areas of the curriculum. In this video the teacher used the interactive white board to help build oral skills. She used it by displaying student's pictures while the student shared a personal experience and also used it for listening with listening to the news online. She uses blogging to help build writing skills. The white board is also used to help practice handwriting. These are just a few ways technology could be used in the classroom to build upon the curriculum.

I never really experienced this much of technology in my educational experience nor do I know anyone personally who has. My extent of technology to build curriculum was doing word finds and crosswords on the computer to practice vocabulary and spelling. This opportunity was not a frequent experience.

This video gave me some ideas of how to use technology in my class. Something as simple as using a youtube video to get the students moving or to use it as a transition activity would be something quite useful. Also using games and activities on the computer to help with lessons that are being taught would be good. It would help students who are more hands on learners and who learn better besides just repetitively writing their math skills or whatever it is we're working on.

Week 2 in T4T

In week 2 of class we were required to leave comments on the blogs of fellow classmates. It was cool getting to read about people's education experience and what they think education should be like. I loved reading about the video making that this person got to do! It was also great getting to learn a little more about classmates and even get reacquainted with former high school classmates. It was fun getting to read about what all was going on in Kylie's life and seeing how much things had changed since we graduated from high school.

We were also tasked to leave blog comments on K-12 Student Blogs. It was awesome getting to connect with other students, especially those younger than us. I found a 6th grade class in Alaska. They really enjoyed writing a lot. In this blog I had a great time reading about this student's field trip to a circus/zoo. This student's blog was about a new invention, I wonder if this student enjoys thinking of new inventions. Getting to comment on these blogs was such a blast!

The Video Making Queen

In class we watched Digital Youth Portrait: Nafiza.

I feel that the biggest "take away" from this video was the message of how much technology impacts life, especially that of the younger generations. From using our phones for alarm clocks to using computer programs to make messages to send out to others, technology plays an important role. The things Nafiza is accomplishing using computer programming and digital film making will really open many doors to her and could potentially be a career for her. She also uses her skills to build leadership and to help others.

This video pertains to my life in the sense that I am always using technology, mostly my cell phone. My parents go insane with the fact that I can go no where without my cell phone. I am also on the computer a lot. At least the computer use is more for educational purposes. Also with having no t.v. I use my computer to watch a lot of movies and even some t.v. shows online.

After watching this video I feel that as a teacher I need to really be encouraging of those students who have amazing talents with technology and allow for classroom activities and projects that involve more technology so that I can really reach out to all the different skills and abilities of my students. I also think that the higher grades I teach, there may be a bit of a problem with too much technology use, such as cell phones and i pods being used in class.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blogging Buddies Strike!

The Blogging Buddies video was a great video. Very uplifting and a reflection of the ideal school project for young children and even for older students looking at education careers.

The most significant learning point was that as future educators, we need to keep our minds open and really look for ways to enhance our teaching styles and help the children with their learning styles. Lessons used to teach the curriclum need to be engaging, creative and encouraging. Sometimes we must think outside the box to find ways to acheive this.

I had never really used computers and technology much throughout my education. Technology didn't enter my life except on a personal level. Now days you see the impact of technology on personal lives even earlier in life. I think that using technology in this educational way teaches children not only the educational aspects but the responsibilites as well. I think technology could be used more in education and less in personal lives.

This project really opened my eyes to the possibilities of creating a hands on learning environment. It takes being creative and thinking outside just the classroom and using the help of your resources, or fellow instructors and teachers. I absolutely loved this project and am a bit jealous I had never put thought to anything like this before!

Digital Generation Project

Cameron's story was quite an exciting and interesting story. I knew that my generation was pretty technologically advanced, but this young kid really blew me out of the water. It is quite amazing just how much he can do with technology and how inovative he is.

The most significant learning point of Cameron's story is that learning never stops. Cameron was always striving to learn more and more about technology and how he could use it to help with his movies and relate it to other areas of his life such as hockey. It was also great to see that he loved to help others learn and I absolutely loved that he was able to work with adults and show them some of the things they could do. An ongoing motif was that learning can happen at any age and that anybody can leve a learning impact on any age, whether old to young or young to old.

The fact that Cameron was constantly helping others and especially a lot of his teachers really reminded me of this boy who was in a 3rd grade class I was doing my field experience in. When the teacher would have trouble getting the smartboard to work and the other students were to afraid to help, he'd run right up to the board and fix the problem for the teacher. He was such a great helper for his teacher at getting the projector and smart board to cooperate properly!

From this video I would take for my classroom the thought and belief that technology could be an amazing teaching and learning tool. It would help the students discover the potentials of technology and of themselves from what they could do with it. Using things such as computers and video equipment would also allow for a more student centered focus and for a more creative hands on learning experience. Personally I feel that students learn best through utilizing resources and working together. I think technology would be a great way to accomplish this.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Personal Learning Blog

I am an Elementary Education major. I am in my junior year. I love being around children and right now I work at a daycare. I am extremely excited and impatient to get into a classroom and really be able to interact with children and start a strong learning background with them. I am pregnant with my first child who is due in July and I serve in the Oklahoma Army National Guard. I have always loved being in school and helping my friends and family with their school work. I love making a difference in a person's pursuit of education. An education is nothing that can ever be taken from you and I feel that my strong passion for learning will help encourage the same passion or at least a respect for learning, in my students. I hope to be able to teach the 3rd or 4th grade level. Those were my favorite years and had the biggest impact on me education and maturity wise.