Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blogging Buddies Strike!

The Blogging Buddies video was a great video. Very uplifting and a reflection of the ideal school project for young children and even for older students looking at education careers.

The most significant learning point was that as future educators, we need to keep our minds open and really look for ways to enhance our teaching styles and help the children with their learning styles. Lessons used to teach the curriclum need to be engaging, creative and encouraging. Sometimes we must think outside the box to find ways to acheive this.

I had never really used computers and technology much throughout my education. Technology didn't enter my life except on a personal level. Now days you see the impact of technology on personal lives even earlier in life. I think that using technology in this educational way teaches children not only the educational aspects but the responsibilites as well. I think technology could be used more in education and less in personal lives.

This project really opened my eyes to the possibilities of creating a hands on learning environment. It takes being creative and thinking outside just the classroom and using the help of your resources, or fellow instructors and teachers. I absolutely loved this project and am a bit jealous I had never put thought to anything like this before!

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