Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 2 in T4T

In week 2 of class we were required to leave comments on the blogs of fellow classmates. It was cool getting to read about people's education experience and what they think education should be like. I loved reading about the video making that this person got to do! It was also great getting to learn a little more about classmates and even get reacquainted with former high school classmates. It was fun getting to read about what all was going on in Kylie's life and seeing how much things had changed since we graduated from high school.

We were also tasked to leave blog comments on K-12 Student Blogs. It was awesome getting to connect with other students, especially those younger than us. I found a 6th grade class in Alaska. They really enjoyed writing a lot. In this blog I had a great time reading about this student's field trip to a circus/zoo. This student's blog was about a new invention, I wonder if this student enjoys thinking of new inventions. Getting to comment on these blogs was such a blast!

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