Friday, January 29, 2010

A Changing Stance

For the independent learning project I watched Addiction: A 21st Century Love Affair With Destruction.

In order to really appreciate the worth, I think that perhaps you have to have an open mind. This video does hint at what today is still viewed as a radical idea. The video discusses the issue of rising drug abuse and addiction and the lowered success rates of rehab programs. It was a very insightful and infromative video and I like that without just saying, "There's a problem", it offers a solution although it may not be accepted and suggests that maybe we, as people, need to change our way of thinking if we ever want to solve the problem.

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  1. I agree that we have a problem. Any time you watch a video where a teeneger is shooting drugs, into their arm, it is a major problem. This is the kind of video that makes you stop and think. It also raises a valid question as to why what we are trying to do today is not working.

    I noticed, while reading your post, a word that was misused in one of the sentences. I know that when I write I have to go back and read my thoughts again to make sure I typed everything in correctly. I would like to suggest trying proof reading your finished product for anything that spell checker might miss; such as correct spelling of a word but used incorrectly in the sentence.

    I love that you shared on a subject that is radical. If society continues putting their heads in the sand there will be no "true" victory in the battle against addiction and drugs. If society never got shook up there would be no progress or change and it starts by making people think from different veiw points.

    I am not sure I agree that legalizing something is the best choice. As I watched the video, I had to wonder why the statistics dropped. Is it because the law changed and now the police did not have to respond to as many infraction as before? This would definitely drop those statistics; not because there was less drug use but because there was less drug usage being reported. Or did the statistics drop because less citizens used drugs? To me, the next phase in the battle against drugs and addiction is going to be which drugs do we accepts as socially acceptable and which drugs will still remain illegal and bad.

    What is being done today definitely has its problems and is not working as well as society likes to believe. I think it is time that we think about new ways to stop addiction's path of destruction through our world. I love blogs that make you stop and think about this view point and that view point. Thanks for sharing it!!!