Saturday, January 16, 2010

Digital Generation Project

Cameron's story was quite an exciting and interesting story. I knew that my generation was pretty technologically advanced, but this young kid really blew me out of the water. It is quite amazing just how much he can do with technology and how inovative he is.

The most significant learning point of Cameron's story is that learning never stops. Cameron was always striving to learn more and more about technology and how he could use it to help with his movies and relate it to other areas of his life such as hockey. It was also great to see that he loved to help others learn and I absolutely loved that he was able to work with adults and show them some of the things they could do. An ongoing motif was that learning can happen at any age and that anybody can leve a learning impact on any age, whether old to young or young to old.

The fact that Cameron was constantly helping others and especially a lot of his teachers really reminded me of this boy who was in a 3rd grade class I was doing my field experience in. When the teacher would have trouble getting the smartboard to work and the other students were to afraid to help, he'd run right up to the board and fix the problem for the teacher. He was such a great helper for his teacher at getting the projector and smart board to cooperate properly!

From this video I would take for my classroom the thought and belief that technology could be an amazing teaching and learning tool. It would help the students discover the potentials of technology and of themselves from what they could do with it. Using things such as computers and video equipment would also allow for a more student centered focus and for a more creative hands on learning experience. Personally I feel that students learn best through utilizing resources and working together. I think technology would be a great way to accomplish this.

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