Monday, March 1, 2010


This week our video was Parallel Play or Collaboration–Leveraging the Wiki Platform for High Quality Work.

I honestly feel that this video was a bit hard to sit through. It was full of great infromation on how to utilize wikis in and outside of the classroom but I was really having trouble getting this information. Not that I didn't understand the information but had difficulty actually getting the important stuff out of the video.

In highschool some of my teachers began using website similar to wikis. I loved that they used this even for basic uses such as to keep parents and students updated. I liked knowing I could go get notes and missed assigments and not have to get behind.

The idea of wikis are great! I just have to wonder just how mature my students will be and if they will be able to handle the responsibility of using a wiki and if parents will be a teaching partner and help teach their students these responsibilites. And as always there is the time factor.

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  1. You will find most students rise to the expectations you have of them. Students can be very responsible, but it's important that you cultivate high expectations from the start. It's also important to have an accountable classroom, both online and offline. This means no anonymous contributions. When students learn their contributions to your wiki are trackable, and they are individually responsible for what they write, they will likely approach their contributions differently than if they were able to post things anonymously.