Monday, March 8, 2010

Create Yourself!

This week our video to watch was Digital Youth Portrait: Sam.

The thing that I thought was the greatest about this video is the attitude of Sam's parents. I thought it was so awesome that they really saw past just how much time Sam was spending texting or chatting on the internet or overall how much time she spent with technology. Her parents really saw all the benefits Sam was going to gain from all her time with technology.

For me, my family that I live with understands the importance of techonology and really encourage skill building. My dad on the other hand, while he thinks technology is important gets very annoyed with how much time I spend using it. Techonolgy is a huge part of life and is only going to continue to keep growing and I think people need to realize and understand this but we also need to learn how to balance our computer and cell phone and networking so that we still have time in the here and now and get to enjoy life.

I would really like to help my students see the importance of technology and begin introducing them to its many uses but with that I would also like to teach them moderation. I find it really hard to believe that 3rd grade and sometimes even younger students are already having trouble with this balance by disrupting their learning with having phones, ipods, game systems, etc. out in class.


  1. I love the title. It was what caught my attention. You did a great job writing your thoughts down. I had a hard time following the thought processing in the 2nd paragraph. It seems that half the paragraph is a really long sentence. I think it would have been easier to follow if you broke it down into 2 or 3 sentences.

    I see both sides of your points but I still keep coming back to, is the use of technology taking over the lives of our future generations. I know technology is here to stay but I wonder if we are trading some of the more personal interactions to have it in our lives. A computer, cell phone, ipod, etc.. can't hold a hand or look at the sunset with you.

  2. I agree with you that it is very nice to see that the parents weren't overbearing about the child texting all the time. As for the fact that technology is taking over our lives...this is the world we live in and we need to keep up with what is going on around us. There may be a time in our lives where everything we do, what we see and hear, and everything else is determined by technology which is pretty cool.