Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Digital World

The biggest takeaway fromt he Digiteens: Digital Citizenship video was that our society is highly techonology based. Technology leads to the digital world. We really need to be aware of all the different dangers that lie out there if we are not careful. It's also our job to teach others who are unaware of these dangers just what these dangers are and how to avoid them.

I have been using the internet since I was very young. My family is all over the U.S. and it was a great communication tool. At a very young age my mom began talking to me about the dangers of the internet and what I need to be looking out for. Along with this, my mom monitored my actions. As I got older and she could see I understood the risks of being on the internet and how to use the internet and it's information properly she began giving me more freedoms. Not only did my mom teach these important lessons at home I learned these lessons at school. The local police department came to our school and discussed cyber predators and internet safety.

It is very important that we teach internet safety at school. Not all families are discussing these things with their children so it falls upon the school and teachers. With technology being more wideley used it is extremely important that our children and students are educated and being safe while using the internet.

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